Chyna (Lurcher Link, West Yorkshire)

Chyna is a beautiful, blue bull-lurcher girl who is about 8 years old. Very sadly, poor Chyna has spent 5 of those years in rescue, so it really is her turn to get noticed by the right people and find a fabulous loving home. She is with Lurcher Link and is in Halifax, West Yorkshire.

Who could resist those white toes?!

Chyna was an unclaimed stray. She is brilliant with people and very obedient. She stands 24″ to the shoulder and although she walks beautifully on the lead most of the time she is very strong and powerful if she does decide to pull. She will need to be muzzled if walked in busy urban areas, where there might be cats, small dogs, squirrels etc., as she has a strong prey drive.

She’s very quiet in the house and is not destructive when left. She is happy to be crated and is housetrained. Her ideal home will be in a quiet, rural location. She can be a bit prickly with other dogs if they are too forward or rude. She would be best as an only dog and isn’t suitable to live with cats. Due to her boisterous strength, Chyna isn’t suitable to live with children or frail adults; she is quite capable of knocking them over while jumping up with pure excitement.

Chyna does have giddy moments in the garden or paddock and the best idea is to keep out of the way as you really know about it if she runs into you! She is neutered and has no existing medical conditions.

Poor Chyna deserves to live life to the full in a home of her own. Could you offer her a home in a quiet area, with sturdy adults only?!

Contact Lurcher Link Rescue as follows:


Please mention that you saw Chyna on the Oldies Club website.

A homecheck and adoption fee apply. Lurcher Link Rescue rehome all over the UK and have a network of homecheckers. Dogs have rescue back-up for life and the rescue’s details remain on the dog’s microchip (along with the new owner) after they are rehomed.

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