Daisy (Saving Ovidiu Kill Shelter Dogs, kennelled North Cornwall)

Although beautiful Daisy is just a year old, she has been through so much. Saving Ovidiu Kill Shelter Dogs – SOKS are looking for an experienced home to offer her an adoption or foster placement, with full back-up and support provided. Daisy needs a special person to call her own, but she is a highly trainable, intelligent, affectionate, playful and loyal dog who will repay the work you put in a hundred times over.

Daisy was born just days after her very stressed mum was saved from a brutal kill shelter and she exhibited some anxiety as a puppy. After a period in foster care, Daisy was placed with an adopter who contracted to give her the stability and structure she needed, but she was surrendered back to the rescue a completely different dog just months later. Daisy was left terrified of, and reactive, to men, very nervous, and with a tendency to attach strongly to one person.

As Daisy’s needs are specific: no children (either resident or visiting); either a female-only household or female household with an experienced and understanding male prepared to slowly gain Daisy’s trust; and at least one confident and assertive resident dog. The perfect home has eluded her so far, and poor Daisy has spent months in kennels, waiting for the right person to help her. Daisy loves her caregiver at the kennels and receives lots of play and affection, but she needs to be in a home where she can truly blossom and recover from the emotional and psychological trauma she has endured.

Daisy is a very clever, sensitive dog. She forms close bonds with her caregivers and will latch onto people she likes, believing it is her job to protect them. She is very loyal and affectionate, but needs an active home that understands the obstacles she is overcoming. Daisy needs at least one confident, assertive resident dog to provide a role model, and is not suitable to be homed with resident or visiting children. She has not been tested with cats or small pets but we think she is likely to chase, and she has been very fearful of men. Daisy would suit either a female-only household without regularly visiting males, or – subject to successful introductions – a home that includes an experienced and understanding male (resident or visiting) who is prepared to gain her trust over time.

Daisy will need a long adjustment period and plenty of time devoted to her training. Though she is already very responsive with commands, walks beautifully on lead, and is clean in the house, she will benefit from ongoing training to keep her mind engaged and help her feel she has a ‘job’ to do.

Daisy’s ideal adopter or fosterer will be an experienced and dedicated owner who understands that a special needs dog isn’t a ‘quick fix’ and is prepared to work with Daisy and enjoy forming a bond with her, along with all the love she has to offer. Someone with a background or interest in working breeds, canine psychology/behaviour, or obedience training might be a great fit, but applications will be accepted from any household willing to offer Daisy what she needs.

Above all else, Daisy needs to be home at last and to benefit from the structure and stability that has been denied to her. She is currently in kennels in north Cornwall and homing in the Cornwall/Devon area would likely be preferred, but please contact SOKS to discuss placements further afield.
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If you could offer this special girl a home, please contact , or Saving Ovidiu Kill Shelter Dogs – SOKS or as follows:

Email: savingovidiudogs@gmail.com (please clearly state DOG’S NAME and ADOPT or FOSTER ENQUIRY in the subject line to avoid your message getting lost! Thank you.)

Please mention that you saw Daisy on the Oldies Club website.

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