Tess (Second Chance GR Rescue, fostered South London)

Tess is a gorgeous 7-year-old Jack Russell x Staffy who was rescued from Romania and is being rehomed by Second Chance Golden Retriever Rescue. She is in a foster home in South London and can potentially be rehomed anywhere in the UK for the right home, but somewhere in the South East would be ideal.

Beautiful Tess is a healthy girl who weighs 16kg. Due to her past traumatic experiences, she ideally needs a female-only home as the only pet. If there was a man in the home he would need to be very patient and dog-experienced, and give Tess plenty of time to trust him.

Lovely Tess is very keen to make new doggy friends, but needs to carry on working on her social skills and manners with them. She could potentially live with other dogs, depending on introductions and careful management. She needs a home where there are no children and no visiting children.

Tess’s ideal home will be in a quiet area. She has made amazing progress in her foster home. She loves walks and sniffing everything and anything. She prefers quiet open spaces with few people, dogs or traffic – she can be reactive if any of these overwhelm her but has been working on desensitisation. She is muzzle trained.

Tess has beautiful manners in the house. She can be left for short periods and in her previous foster home was left for up to 4 hours so could be built back up to this gradually. She is a very polite lady who will help you with anything and everything around the house. She’s great in the car, jumps in and out no problems and loves watching out of the windows.

She needs owners who will help her grow in confidence with new people She is worried by visitors she hasn’t built a bond with, but once she’s met people a few times, and they’ve gradually built up from short visits, she’s very happy to see them and enjoys spending time with them. She has been going to socialisation classes and is learning to play well with calm dogs and other dogs her size, which she really enjoys. She will love meeting up with doggy pals, with a family who will help her continue to learn nice manners.

Tess is eager to please and is very clever and food motivated. Routine and plenty of exercise help her to feel less anxious and more able to learn. She loves sofa cuddles, face scratches, cuddly toys, playing ball and tug, and bonding with you by learning new commands. She spends most of the day wagging her tail and skipping for joy.

Tess’s foster mum says: “This little girl is a happy, silly and cuddly sweetheart who adores her favourite people – it takes her a while to trust new people, but once she does she is devoted to you. She has plenty of energy for playing, fetching her ball and walks. She could happily trot alongside you all day on walks and rambles. Tess has the soul of a fancy lady and has perfect manners around the house, once settled she’s quiet through the night and I’ve never seen a single destructive behaviour or accident from her. As loyal, happy, clever and loving a dog as you could ever wish for. She’s become a bit of a celebrity among my neighbours and other dog walkers at the park for being such a character, who tries her very best for everyone. This sweet girl needs an experienced forever home who are prepared to give her plenty of time, patience and love to feel safe and settled. Once she does, she’s a very rewarding dog and will be devoted to you!

Could you offer Tess her ideal home?

Contact Second Chance Golden Retriever Rescue as follows:

Email: hollybalchin@icloud.com

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