Toffee (Love Underdogs, Essex)


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Toffee is a stunningly gorgeous, large Crossbreed boy of about 7 years, in the care of Love Underdogs in Waltham Abbey, Essex. Prospective adopters will need to be able to visit him a few times to get to know him before a home trial. He has a lot of toys to bring with him so it needs to be worth his while!

Toffee is looking for a peaceful home with no children, busy traffic or too many comings and goings. He likes moderate walks in nature and one or two people he can form a strong bond with. A sensible routine with play, fuss, walks and rest in good company will suit him perfectly.

Toffee is very affectionate with those he trusts and will demand more fuss if you get distracted before he feels suitably loved up.

He gets on well with most other dogs and the rescue often have him walking with the less confident ones to help them feel more relaxed. He is full of confidence himself! He could possibly live with another compatible dog but would also be happy as an only pet.

There are a few dogs he doesn’t hold with but he always has a reason. If they don’t bow to his superior intelligence or if his allergies are making his skin itchy then some will get short shrift. He therefore needs experienced owners who will manage his interactions as well as his allergies – with diet, medication and regular grooming.

Toffee absolutely loves playing in water. Whether it’s a splashies in a stream or in a paddling pool, he is in his element!

Toffee has a touch of arthritis so his weight must be kept down. He’s on a specific diet anyway to manage his allergies but he still needs owners with strong resolve who won’t give him tit bits. Love equals fuss for Toffee, not extra food which will make his wrists sore in the long run.

Toffee is a big dog and a big character but when life is settled and happy, he acts like a puppy! He can be protective of his home and needs his owners to be practical, calm and sometimes firm but fair so that he can focus on important things like toys and splashies!

If you want a soul mate of a dog and have the right sort of lifestyle and home then Toffee would love to meet you!

All Love Underdogs’ dogs are rehomed with a home trial for 2 weeks before a formal adoption. Love Underdogs offer behaviourist support for the lifetime of the dog.

To find out more about Toffee contact Love Underdogs by filling in their Online Enquiry Form, here.

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