Vet Fund Appeal

Because the Oldies Club only deals with dogs that are aged 7 or over, and often deals with dogs that have been neglected, vets bills are the most important and expensive of our day to day costs.

All of our dogs receive a thorough vet check, and all too often they require dental treatment, treatment of lumps and bumps, help with eye and skin problems, as well as the more usual issues of vaccination, neutering and flea treatment.

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VET FUND LATEST: Some examples of where your kind donations go!
May 2014
Penny Daxi is booked in to be spayed.

March 2014
Elvis has had X rays for back pain, has been doing well with pain relief, but has recently had a few bad days. Fingers crossed for improvement.
Daisy has had six teeth out and is doing well
Fudge Yorkie is having treatment for an ear problem

Feb 2014
Sam Lab has an enlarged prostrate and is unwell. He’s had blood tests & antibiotics.
Max cocker had a dental – underneath the very thick tartar his teeth were in good condition – so no extractions. Will need more work on his ears soon.
Fudge Yorkie had a dental
Ben Bonbon had a checkup for his fatty lumps but they are fine!
Jan 2014
Travis had some teeth removed
Toby Yorkie has steroids and antibiotics for a skin problem
Angus lurcher has had some vet checks and has Inflammatory Bowel Disease, needs a special diet
Harry lurcher has had a dental and has been neutered, is doing well.
Ollie Bear has had an infected lump treated and biopsied, it’s healing well.
Chestnut Robbie has had antibiotics and prescription shampoo for a skin problem
Koki Dachsi has had a dental, all but four teeth removed, and antibiotics for a skin problem

It is particularly heartbreaking that these issues that really affect the quality of life of older dogs are often not a result of deliberate cruelty, but simply of long-term neglect: failure to provide basic health care and a well balanced diet over many years, and failure to properly treat problems at an early stage.

We do have special arrangements with a number of wonderful vets practices that offer us discounts, but even so our vets bills are an ever-present concern.

A few of the dogs we have cared for that have needed extra medical help include:
Sparkle found herself in rescue after the death of her owner; it is likely she had not been receiving proper veterinary care for some time. She was totally blind in her left eye, which had eroded around a massive, painful ulcer. Her teeth were in an appalling condition and her right eye also had some damage.

Seb was very neglected, and perhaps abused as well. He was bald because of a flea allergy, and one eye was permanently damaged. He had kennel cough when he arrived and had some kind of trauma to his left side. His shoulder was “not right” and his ear was battered and torn.

Sam the Border collie
Sam came into the care of the Oldies Club at the request of Social Services. He had overgrown nails, hair loss on his back due to flea-allergy, was overweight as he’d not been walked for about 2 years, and had rotten teeth.

Tiny Toby
Tiny Toby had skin problems, dental problems, was underweight and also needed treatment for kennel cough and ear problems

And of course we also have our sponsor dogs – dogs that have been found to be too ill to be permanently rehomed, that will stay in Oldies Club foster homes for the rest of their lives.

If you would like to help to treat a dog like these, please make a donation to the Oldies Club.
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