This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.

Sasha (Animal Concern, Cumbria)

May 2006 Sasha has aher forever home. See the photos here.

4/4/2006 Very, very cautiously, and hoping not to jinx things, we are once again moving Sasha to our Rehomed Dogs category.

A family who had originally volunteered to foster for the Oldies Club has offered Sasha a home and is trying to work through her problems. She has been there over two weeks now, and we are desperately, desperately hoping that this time Sasha’s long quest for a home may be over. Please think good thoughts for Sasha and her new, we hope, forever, family.

Feb 2006

Sadly, Sasha is on her way back to Animal Concern. Although she bonded closely with her new family and everything had been going so well, poor Sasha was not able to cope with visitors to the home.

Everyone is very upset by this news – not least the family who hoped to be Sasha’s forever home. In light of this, Animal Concern are looking for an experienced owner, ideally with knowledge of utility breeds/Dobermans, who could help Sasha adjust to domestic life after so long in kennels, and give her a loving but firm one-to-one environment where she does not feel she needs to protect her ‘pack’.


20-2-2006 – Sasha has finally found her forever home – after looking for 10 years!

The gorgeous Sasha is about 10 years old, and is thought to be a Doberman/GSD cross, although she is only a medium size – about the size of a border collie. She has a lovely smile, as you can see!

Despite her many good points, loyal and loving Sasha has been repeatedly overlooked and has been with Animal Concern Cumbria for a ridiculous amount of time – nearly TEN YEARS! Sasha first came to Animal Concern at the age of eight months, as her owners felt she had some aggression issues. This has now been thoroughly dealt with and Sasha is completely 100% with other dogs – she is even used as a ‘stooge dog’ for newcomers to the rescue!

Sadly, Sasha is so used to being passed by that she seems to have given up any thought of finding her own forever home, and she is now quite nervous with new people and will hide at the back of the kennel when people come to visit.

Sasha has received some abuse in her life: she has been kicked by an old gentleman who should have known better, and is subsequently not at all comfortable with older men, and she can be a little picky about new people. However, given time to go at her own pace, Sasha can reveal herself to be a loyal, loving girl with plenty to give ‘her’ person.

Sasha is great with children and brilliant with other dogs of all shapes and sizes, and really deserves another chance with someone who will have the patience and understanding to help her develop into the fantastic dog she will become – and who won’t be put off by the fact she will hide away at the first meeting!

Sasha has been fully vaccinated, wormed and spayed. She has only one vice: a tendency to eat stones. It may sound funny, but poses a desperately serious risk to her health, as Sasha has already had three operations in the past to remove stones from her stomach. She really cannot have any more, so it is vital that this risk to her health is avoided, and so Sasha has to wear a muzzle when she is out and about offlead, or anywhere that she might be able to pick up stones. It must be stressed that this is not to do with any potential aggression – simply that Sasha is a bit daft where stones are concerned!

Sasha is currently with Animal Concern Cumbria at Workington, and potential adopters will need to go to the centre to meet Sasha and discuss her needs. Several meetings and a ‘getting to know you’ phase will also be needed for Sasha, but it would be wonderful if someone out there could offer this beautiful girl the patient, understanding home she needs to blossom.

Sasha could be rehomed outside Cumbria, but potential adopters must still attend the centre in Workington, Cumbria to meet Sasha and to discuss her needs.

Rehomed This dog has found a new home and is no longer looking.