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The Oldies Club website uses cookies, which are small text files that are stored on your computer as you look at our pages.  These help us see which pages of the website are popular, and find out if there is important information or particular dogs that most people are missing.    They are a really useful tool to help us understand which  information is useful to you without taking up any of your time.  The cookies do not store any personal information, and are safe.

In future, we may also  use cookies to personalise the website to help you find only details that are relevant to you.

Oldies Club would really appreciate it if you continue to allow us to use cookies on the Oldies Club website, and it is possible that in future some features won’t work properly without them.

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Here is a list of cookies set by this website:
_utma _utmc _utmz : These cookies are set by Google Analytics and do not hold any personal data. These help us see which pages of the website are popular, and find out if there is important information that most people are missing.


Oldies Club records essential personal information about adopters and volunteers in order to be able to contact you and organise adoptions, fundraising, transport and other core charity activities.  This information is supplied by you when you contact us, for example, by emailling us, phoning us or filling in a form.  Your details can be deleted on request if you contact us to request this.

Information you supply to us may be recorded using online systems, and stored in our own database or in a Google document.   This information is password protected and restricted to members of our team who need access to keep Oldies Club running smoothly.

Oldies Club does not collect information about you from any other organisation, or share information about you unless you have asked us to do so. For example, if you have previously adopted an Oldies Club dog and later ask us to provide a reference to another rescue we will do so, or if you are adopting an Oldies Club dog and need a reference from your vet or another rescue.