Our Patron

Message from Marc Abraham, Oldies Club Patron

Marc with dogsI am so thrilled to have been invited to be the proud Patron of Oldies Club.

As we all know older pets lose their homes for many different reasons; most of them having nothing to do with any problems these poor pets have, but rather with those of the individual or family giving them up.

Common reasons for abandonment include the death or illness of their owner, lack of time available devoted to pet, change in work schedule, new baby, moving to a place where pets are not allowed, allergies, lifestyle changes and even a prospective spouse not liking pets.

Older pets appreciate and deserve life-long happiness and quickly learn how their unconditional love makes sure they keep getting lots more of that special care and attention. Already socialized, older dogs understand what being a pack member means, how to get along with humans, (in most cases) other dogs, and even cats too.

Older dogs are usually obedient and house-trained too having already learned what ‘no’ means and why they must leave the furniture, carpets, shoes, and other ‘chewables’ well-alone.

As well as allowing you to finish your newspaper, older dogs make instant companions; ready for walks, long car journeys, agility, and contrary to dog-folklore are able to learn new tricks. They are a known commodity, easy to assess for behaviour and temperament, and you already know how big they’ll grow!

Older pets make particularly good companions for the elderly. In addition to the obvious health advantages such as lowering blood pressure and stress levels, the adoption of an older pet will provide invaluable friendship, help combat loneliness, increase recovery rates after surgery or illness and require much less exercise.

So thank you Oldies Club for the honour of being your Patron, I look forward to meeting you all soon and learning more about your fantastic fostering projects, Sponsor Dogs, Overlooked Oldies as well as your fundraising events and online forum ‘The Refuge’.

True love knows no age.

Marc Abraham BVM&S MRCVS