Rocky (Vigil GSD Rescue, currently in Kent)

3/3/18 – We are absolutely delighted to share the news that gorgeous Rocky is reserved and should be going to a new home very soon. Vigil told us that they have lost count of the number of people that have contacted them about Rocky after seeing him on the Oldies Club website. This very special news is giving us a wonderful warm glow!

Evie (NASSL, County Durham)

9/2/2018 Little Evie has now found her perfect home thanks to being seen on the Oldies Club website and NASSL say they can’t thank Oldies enough for helping home this lovely girl.

Barney (Chilterns Dog Rescue Society, Herts)

1/2/18 – Barney has found a lovely retirement home in Derbyshire after having a flood of applications thanks to being seen on the Oldies Club website. On arrival at his new home he had a good sniff all the way around the garden and then had his tea. He found his new bed and then set about getting to know his new Mum.