Foster Homes for Dogs

Interested in fostering?

If you enjoy visiting our website, we think it fair to assume that you love dogs! And perhaps you are looking for a way to put your love of dogs to good use…

Oldies Club doesn’t have a rescue centre. Instead of kennels we have a network of dedicated foster carers throughout Britain. Our fosterers open up their homes and hearts to older dogs that find themselves homeless through no fault of their own.

Without our foster carers, we wouldn’t be able to help many of the dogs that we do. Foster carers are vital to our rescue and we are eternally grateful for the wonderful work that they do.

Fostering for the Oldies Club

The majority of dogs the Oldies Club takes in come directly from the family they have lived with for many years. This means that we already know a little about them, and it helps us to place them in the right foster home. Dogs come into our rescue for a variety of reasons: an elderly owner going in to care, a relationship breakdown, a family losing its home, and so on. It is often a very painful experience for both owner and dog.

Before placing a particular dog in a foster home, we discuss with the fosterer the details that we have been given about that dog, and the fosterer then has the option to say either yes or no to fostering the dog.

We aim to support our fosterers as much as we support our dogs, so everyone fostering for Oldies Club has a dedicated foster support person to talk them through the procedures, to help and support with any problems, and to share the laughter and, sometimes, the tears. We cover all vet bills for our oldies in foster, and we only ask that you provide their food, unless they require a special diet.

Could you foster?

If you have time in your life and space in your home to help an oldie adjust to a change in its life, then yes you most probably could foster! Fostering is very rewarding. There is nothing quite like seeing a confused and withdrawn dog blossom in your care. Yes, it can be heart wrenching when they eventually go to their forever home, but you will know that you gave that dog a helping hand to its new, happy life. You will meet its forever family, and you will know in your heart that ‘your’ oldie will never forget you!

It is important that everyone in your family is keen to foster. It doesn’t matter where you live or what type of house you live in, but you will need a secure garden. If you have children and other pets, you can still foster, as we do our best to match the right foster home with the right dog.

Of course, if after caring for an oldie you become so attached to it that you know you are not going to be able part with it, you are most welcome to ask to adopt the oldie yourself. We view this scenario as an all round success: a homeless oldie has found a wonderful new home, and a very special family has found the ideal dog!

How to get started

Please contact us by emailing if you would like to discuss fostering in more detail.

You will be asked to complete an ‘Application to Foster’ form and then one of our team will contact you. Before we place a dog with you, we will do a home visit — this is to help us get to know more about you and your family, which helps us to place the right dog with you.

We look forward to welcoming you to our team!