Getting Involved

There are many ways to get involved with the Oldies Club. Please complete our Questionnaire to tell us what help you can offer. You can also contact the relevant co-ordinator by using the email links in the sections below.

Offering a foster home to an oldie

We need foster homes for the dogs that come into our care. In particular, if you can offer a foster home with no resident dogs, cats or children, we would love to hear from you!


Putting up posters

We need people to help us publicise our charity and the plight of oldie dogs needing homes by putting up posters in vets, training clubs, post offices and libraries up and down the country.

Transporting oldies

We transport the dogs that come into our care, from wherever their starting point is, to our foster homes around the country.


We are always in need of help with transport runs. If you have a car or van and could occasionally help an oldie dog get from A to B, please fill in our Questionnaire.

Performing home visits

We arrange home visits (also known as homechecks) at the homes of potential adopters of our own dogs. We also help private rehomers with home visits.

Offering a permanent home to an oldie

If you could offer a permanent, loving home to an oldie, browse through the Adopt an Oldie and Overlooked Oldies sections of our website. If you find the oldie that you think belongs by your fireside, use the contact details at the bottom of the dog’s entry to get in touch with the relevant rescue.

If you specifically want to adopt a dog that is in the care of the Oldies Club rescue, refer to the Dogs in Oldies Club Care.


Joining us on Facebook and Twitter

We’re on Facebook and regularly post calls for volunteers, plus news and info. We’re also on Twitter!

Linking to us!

If you have your own website, you can help spread the word about the Oldies Club by linking to this website. Every link counts!