Transport Volunteers

Volunteer Transporters Needed – Can You Help?

At the Oldies Club, we believe that caring for our dogs in foster homes whilst they wait for a forever home is the best way to operate. However, this means that a dog coming into our care may need to travel a long distance to get to its foster home. This is where we rely on our trusty band of transport volunteers to help an oldie on its way to a new start.

Treacle, waiting for the next transporter on the transport run to her foster home

Our transport co-ordinators organise a chain of transport volunteers to get the dog to its destination. Our database of volunteers is steadily growing, but there can never be too many people listed for us to call on in emergency situations.

Tuppence was just twenty four hours away from being put to sleep when the Oldies Club took him on. None of the local rescues had room for him and the clock was ticking.

Tuppence winged his way from Cardiff to his foster home in Norfolk using around six different transporters who linked up to get him to his final destination.

It wasn’t the best day of Tuppence’s life, but he is alive and well and has several years ahead of him in his new home in Bedford with mum Lorraine. None of that would have been possible without many people’s help, but not least those six transporters who freely gave their time to save Tuppence’s life.

Wherever you live, whatever distances you would be prepared to drive, there may come a time when we need you to assist a dog in a dire situation. Please think about offering your details to our transporters database, we may never call you but you may provide a vital link in a life saving chain for some dog, somewhere, sometime.

Peggy, apprehensive about the journey ahead

Next time you see a car pull up in a motorway service station and see a dog exchange hands you may well be witnessing the saving of a life; you’d be surprised quite how regular an occurrence it can be.

FeeBee, waiting at a motorway service station

If you would like to offer yourself as a possible dog transporter please fill in our Questionnaire or email us at

The information we will need is where you live and the radius from there that you would be willing to drive. We will also need as many contact details as you can provide us with.