Oldies Coming Soon Watch this space…

Shadow — 10 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier boy
Patch — 13 year old Jack Russell Terrier girl
Lucky – Hampshire — 13 year old Jack Russell Terrier girl
Trev — 11 year old Jack Russell Terrier Cross boy Reserved for foster carer
Max — 12 year old Labrador x Collie boy Reserved for foster carer
Bella — 8 year old Crossbreed girl
Sherry — 17 year old Sheltie Cross girl
Zoe — 10 year old German Shepherd Cross girl
Raff — 16 year old Springer Spaniel boy
Lily — 8 year old Boxer girl
Milo — 9 year old Retriever x German Shepherd boy
Kerry — 13 year old Schnauzer x Terrier boy
Molly — 11 year old Labrador girl
Phoebe — 14 year old Norwich Terrier Cross girl
Milo — 14 year old Crossbreed boy

Ever cheerful Chip! (Oldies Club, fostered Oxfordshire)

10/04/18 – No more applications please! Chip has lots of wonderful offers to choose from already!
Chip loves meeting other dogs and having a gallop about with them! He’s always thrilled to meet new humans too but is nice and polite with it. Cats don’t find him so polite but apart from that, he’s the perfect dog. A real golden boy!

Bouncy Beagle Marnie! (Oldies Club, fostered Wiltshire)

Marnie’s upbeat nature is irrepressible! She’s a confident, friendly girl who will introduce herself nicely to any other dogs. She’s always busy, investigating all the amazing smells she can find or scampering about the garden but she does love a fuss and a cuddle too… when she has a minute!