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How to Help
If you are interested in helping the Oldies Club – by putting up posters, fostering, transporting, homechecking, fundraising or in other ways – fill in our Questionnaire.

Find Out More About a Listed Dog
Each dog’s record should have contact details for the person who is most able to tell you about that dog. Many of the dogs listed belong to other rescues across the UK, and most records will have details of the rescue and the person to speak to.

Submit a Dog for listing
If you represent a rescue and would like us to list one or more of your old dogs on our website, please fill in the submit an oldie form or email

General Enquiries
Email us on

Get help with rehoming a dog
If you are the owner of a dog that you need to rehome, email us on Please include a landline telephone number and let us know when you will be available on that number.

Press enquiries
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Email us on

Home Visits
Email us on

To enquire about fostering, please contact
Existing fosterers, please contact your foster support, or

Updated March 2020: We’ve received quite a number of offers of short-term fostering today from people working from home because their workplaces have been shut.

We appreciate people thinking of us at this time. However, due to the seriousness, and changing nature, of the coronavirus situation, the small size of our charity, our geographical spread and the fact that we rely on volunteers to home check and transport for us, who may find themselves having to self-isolate or at least reduce their social encounters, we do not feel it would be responsible for us to consider increasing the number of dogs we have in foster with us and will not be taking on short-term fosterers at the current time.

Contacting us by telephone
Please note that everyone covering our phone line is a volunteer and that there will be times when the phone is busy or is be set to answering machine. If you are able to email us on the relevant email address where possible, it will be much appreciated and will often be quicker. If you get the answering machine, please leave a detailed message including a landline phone number: we do call everyone back, but try to prioritise calls about dogs in danger. Sorry, we are not able to help with rehoming cats, except via a listing in the cats section of our website, for cats already in rescue.

All our available dogs are listed on our website. If you are interested in adopting, but none of the dogs on the site at the moment are suitable, please check back another time. If you are looking to adopt a dog, please check the website first and tell us which dog you are interested in when you call.

If you have difficulty with emailling and wish to contact us about a dog in trouble, or about adopting a specific Oldies Club dog, you can phone us on 0844 586 8656.

If you would like to send a donation, please refer to How to Donate.

If you would like to send a donation of collars, dog coats or other items, they will also be appreciated, but please email first for an address as our treasurer can only accept financial donations.