Dogs and Cats

Dogs and cats – surely, natural enemies? Well, not always, but if you are a cat owner and you are planning to adopt a dog, then it’s worth thinking about what you can expect from your new dog, and from your cat or cats too. All the dogs that are marked with the ‘Good with … Continue reading Dogs and Cats

Are Two Oldies better than One?

We usually have lots of pairs of homeless oldies listed on the website – each dog waiting for a new loving home with his or her best friend, often a lifetime companion. Read Frances’ account of her experience of adopting a pair of beautiful oldies.

Questions for Adopters

If you are considering rehoming a dog from a private owner, then you should be aware that you will not have the advice or back up that a reputable rescue would be able to give you. What questions should you ask if you are considering a private rehoming?

Kids and Older Dogs

Looking for an Older Dog with Kids: 1) Look for a dog that has been fostered in a home with children or well exposed to children of varying ages and in varying situations to see how the dog manages. Try to think of things a child may do and see how the dog reacts. 2) … Continue reading Kids and Older Dogs

Blindness & Sight Problems in Dogs

From the effects of old age to conditions like cataracts and glaucoma, many things can cause sight problems in dogs. Read about some of the causes, how they affect dogs in the home, and what you can do to ease the transition of a partially-sighted or blind rescue dog into his new home.

Dogs & Deafness

Hearing loss is something that many oldies – human and canine alike! – have to deal with. Some level of deafness often affects dogs whom the Oldies Club helps, and it can take various forms. Learn what to look out for in your dog, and how to deal with deafness.

Greyhounds as Pets

Many people think of greyhounds purely as racing dogs, and wouldn’t think of taking one as a pet. Yet retired or unwanted racing greyhounds can make wonderful pet dogs.

Puppy Farms

It is believed that over 10,000 dogs per year originate from UK puppy farms. The practice of breeding dogs solely for money takes place predominantly in Wales and Ireland. The puppies are then transported around the UK and abroad by dealers, to be sold in pet shops and through newspaper adverts. Tragically, the puppies are … Continue reading Puppy Farms