How Many Stray and Unwanted Dogs?

In the UK, we breed and import more dogs than we can find homes for – see our articles on Greyhound racing and Puppy Farms to find out more about this.

The Dogs Trust monitors the numbers of stray dogs collected by local authorities, and reports that 105,349 stray dogs were collected by local authorities in 2004. Of these, a terrifying 9,989 dogs were put to sleep. These are just the strays too. That doesn’t include dogs that are handed in by owners who no longer want their dog , or, for example, greyhounds put to sleep by vets when they are too old or injured to race. Some of those dogs will have been ill or injured. But many were healthy, friendly dogs with no behavioural problems – and nowhere to go.

Old dogs are particularly vulnerable, because they can be harder to home, and are more likely to be put to sleep if they arrive at a dog pound that is already full to overflowing with dogs. The 2004 figures are at least an improvement over 2003, when even more dogs were put to sleep. But there is still a long way to go.

Read the full report from the Dogs Trust here.

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