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Here are loads of shopping ideas – all benefit the Oldies Club if you buy through these links.

If you were looking for Oldies Club merchandise, please see Oldies Club Merchandise.

If you would like to sponsor an Oldies Club dog for yourself, or as a gift, please see our Sponsor Dogs page.

Shop Online

The Oldies Club has teamed up with Easy Fundraising to let you shop online at loads of popular sites and benefit the Oldies Club at the same time! Register at Easy Fundraising and record your preferred charity as Oldies Club.

You can buy anything from car insurance to flowers, new Next jeans to new DVDs from Play.com or HMV, to toys from ToysRUs – and benefit the Oldies Club with every purchase! Click here to get started.

If you are looking for a gift for dog/animal lover, click HERE to take a look at our new affiliate scheme with Villager Jim. There are many beautiful images of dogs and other animals available on all sorts of products including canvas, cushions, phone cases and many home and gardenware items :-)

*NEW* The Talking Wall has very kindly offered a 10% discount to Oldies Club supporters AND a 10% donation to the charity, for all purchases made from the company (with the exception of the pink giraffe print which is raising funds for another worthy cause).

When ordering, please enter OLDIES (all uppercase) into the discount code box in your shopping basket, to ensure your discount and our donation.

The Talking Wall designs and creates personalised prints to celebrate those special moments in your life. Prints include birth, christening and nursery prints along with the wonderful word jumble, as featured in the recent Oldies Club auction. The word jumble is usually offered in a heart, star or cloud shape, but could also be ordered as a paw print or possibly a generic dog shape. Please contact The Talking Wall directly if you are interested in the paw print or dog shape, as they are not currently featured on the website, though there should be an example of the dog shape on the website soon.

All prints are available as prints only, or mounted and framed. Prints can be shipped internationally; mounted/framed prints can be shipped within the UK.

The Talking Wall, word jumble, Oldies Club, affiliate

Example of heart-shaped personalised word jumble. Coffee not included.


Dicky Bags

Fed up with carrying dog poop around on your walks? Grab yourself a Dicky Bag.

If you spend £15 or more at Dicky Bag the lovely people there will donate £3 to Oldies Club – you must quote oldies (all lower case) at the time of ordering to ensure we receive our donation. Thank you :)

Kudos Pet Products have very kindly offered to donate 10% of the sales price on dog beds ordered by Oldies Club supporters, to the Oldies Club. Please quote Oldies Club at the time of ordering. If you order a dog bed online, please quote Oldies Club when asked how you heard about Kudos, in order for us to benefit from the sale :) The beds are waterproof and generously filled.

Michele at Colourful Cushions has very kindly offered to donate 25% of the sales price of her lovely cushions to the Oldies Club when Oldies Club supporters place a cushion order. Please quote Oldies Club at the time of ordering to ensure we receive the donation.

Ebay – please check out our Ebay shop, where our supporters offer items with from 10% to 100% of the value donate to the Oldies Club.

Tribble’s Gift Store offers a wide range of pet products and animal-themed gifts for humans too! If you order from Tribble’s, please state “Oldies” when ordering to ensure a percentage of the sales price is donated to the Oldies Club :)

Merry Dogs will donate 5% of the sales price to Oldies if you quote ‘Oldies’ in the ‘Special requirements’ box during checkout. Or phone them on 01904 749018 and mention Oldies. Merry Dogs sells durable hand-made dog accessories that you won’t find on the high street.

Pressies 4 Dogs There are some great gifts for dogs and some nice accessories here – plus they do birthday reminders! 5% of the value of any purchases will be donated to the Oldies Club. more

Canine Concepts offers a huge range of training aids, toys, collars, dog clothes, leads, tags, and grooming tools and accessories.


Crosskeys Dog Training Books and Videos (Plus cats, horses and small beasties too!)



Discover a remarkable range of training resources, toys, accessories and behavioural information at Crosskeys, with free delivery.

The Oldies Club benefits by a whopping 10% from everything you order!

Pet Portraits

Why not order a portrait of a pet!


Here are some of the Oldies Club’s favorite books.
We get a small commission on each purchase when you use these links, or if you use the Amazon Search below to buy.

Training & Behaviour

The Culture Clash – Jean Donaldson

Helps us understand how dogs and humans relate to one another, with lots of practical advice on dog training.

Think Dog!: An Owner’s Guide to Canine Psychology – John Fisher

You dog starts chewing the furniture or acting aggressively towards children – what’s going on? If only you knew what your dog was thinking. John Fisher examines the psychology of the dog with the aim of explaining to owners how the world appears from a dog’s point of view.

Why Does My Dog? – John Fisher

Many dogs have problems or ‘behave badly’. John Fisher believes they aren’t ‘bad dogs’ – they are dogs whose owners don’t understand their pets motivations, reactions and needs. In this book, he helps us understand how dog behaviour is affected by diet, outmoded training methods and environment. ‘

Click to Calm: Healing the Aggressive Dog – Emma Parsons

A useful guide to clicker training – find out how to use effective and kind positive training techniques to help troubled dogs.

Don’t Shoot the Dog!: The New Art of Teaching and Training – Karen Pryor

Karen Pryor first developed the technique of clicker training as a dolphin trainer, but clicker training is now used very successfully with dogs and many other animals, to provide training that is fun for the animal and easy on the trainer. This book is not as detailed a training manual as some of the others listed here, but it explains the overall principles of clicker training and how it can be applied to modify behaviour and as an effective teaching tool.

Getting in Touch with Your Dog: How to Understand and Influence Behaviour, Personality and Health – Linda Tellington-Jones

Linda Tellington-Jones is the creator of the Tellington TTouch method of training and communicating with animals. This book explains her positive approach to training, but this is more than just a training method – it can be used to help address all sorts of problem behaviours and also to help dogs with physical or mental problems become more confident and cope with life and their problems. This book is well illustrated so you can see exactly how the touches should be applied.


The Perfect Puppy – Gwen Bailey

If you are about to adopt a puppy, or if you know someone who has one (and is finding it harder work than they expected!) get this book.

It will help with vital puppy training such as socialisation with people and other dogs, house-training, how to control puppy mouthing and prevent it developing into something more painful – and lots more. Really useful if it’s your own puppy: if it’s someone else’s pup, it makes a great present ( and makes it much less likely that you will get bounced on, chewed or end up treading in puddles when you go to visit…)

Health & Healing
Although of course you should always consult your vet if your pets are ill, there are quite a few complementary treatments and therapies that can help your pets live happier healthier lives. We think these books are particularly useful:

Natural Healthcare for Pets – Richard Allport

How could additives and preservatives in your pet’s food and environment be affecting it? This book explores what complementary therapies are available, and looks at how therapies such as acupuncture, aromatherapy and massage can be used to help pets live a more healthy and natural life.

Hands-on Healing for Pets: The Animal Lover’s Essential Guide to Using Healing Energy – Margrit Coates

Discover an alternative approach to healing and learn to help your pets.

Bach Flower Remedies for Animals – Judy Howard, Stefan Ball

Find out how to use the Bach Flower Remedies range to help animals overcome behavioural or physical problems.

Breed Specific

Pet Owner’s Guide to Greyhounds (Pet Owner’s Guide Series) – Ann Finch

A very useful introduction to the ins and outs of owning an ex-racing greyhound as a pet. Highly recommended, particularly to first-time prospective greyhound owners.


How to Photograph Dogs – Nick Ridley

Improve your photos of your dogs using some of the tricks of the trade.

Good Guide to Dog-friendly Pubs, Hotels and B&Bs – Alistair Aird (Editor), Fiona Stapley (Editor)

Very handy for planning next year’s holidays!

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