Fundraising Appeals

Oldies Club has a number fundraising appeals that we hope you might like to help us with, or spread the word about if you aren’t able to help financially.

Vet Fund Appeals
Because Oldies Club only deals with dogs aged 7 or over, and in some cases the oldie’s health has been neglected, vet bills are the most important and expensive of our day to day costs.

All of our dogs receive a thorough vet check, and all too often they require dental treatment, treatment of lumps and bumps, help with eye, ear and skin problems, as well as the routine procedures of vaccination, neutering and flea treatment.

Sadly, some of the oldies are also found to have health issues that require extensive veterinary care. To help us cover the considerable cost of vet bills for such oldies, we set up fundraising appeals via JustGiving. On these pages you can read the dog’s story and details of the care they are receiving.

We have launched our Spring Appeal 2023, raising funds to help towards the vet bills incurred for the oldies in our care. Our vet bill expenses reach into the many thousands of pounds each month. We have paid out over £16,000 this month (May 2023) and we haven’t reached the end of the month yet! After having to close our doors to incoming oldies not so long ago, due to financial challenges, we have been able to take in a considerable number of older dogs again, but we do need your help (donations) to ensure we can continue this. Please donate what you can, today – donations change lives :-)

We currently have an Appeal for Saffy’s Surgery

and an Appeal for little Lucy Westie:

It is particularly heartbreaking that the issues that affect the quality of life of older dogs are often not a result of deliberate cruelty, but simply of long-term neglect: failure to provide basic health care and a well balanced diet over many years, and failure to properly treat problems at an early stage.

Transport Fund Appeal
We also have a Transport Fund Appeal, raising funds to help us with moving oldies to their foster homes:

General Donations
For details of how to donate to us generally, read our How to Donate page, click here.

Sponsoring an oldie
Read about our sponsorship scheme, click here.

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