Charming old boy Arthur came into foster care with the Oldies Club in April 2005. Calm, affectionate and an angel in the house, it wasn’t long before Arthur found a lovely new home.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go according to plan. It emerged that Arthur has an intense dislike of spaniels – something his new owners had not expected having to deal with.

Naturally, Arthur came back to his Oldies Club fosterer, who tried to understand where this bizarre turn in his behaviour had come from. In foster, Arthur had been living happily with dogs of all shapes and sizes, plus cats, children and rabbits, and had never shown any sign of upset.

Luckily for Arthur, his original fosterer, Maura, has provided Arthur with a loving forever home. This is what she has to say:

Arthur says he knows he is not perfect but his new mother thinks he is! He says he is “living happy ever after” now and thanks PAWS and the Oldies Club for the bed and breakfast and for finding him a forever home!

And here’s the man himself, enjoying the sun with his ‘brothers’ Wally and Buddy: