Charlie was handed in to the RSPCA in Warrington. They became worried about the effects that kennel life was having on him and the deterioration in his mental state, they called in the cavalry in the form of Catherine from District Dog Rescue. Catherine took Charlie into her home as a foster charge and set about the task of making him happy. At the same time he was put on the rehoming page of this site.

Two weeks later Charlie was spotted by a visitor to this site and offered a forever home. Arrangements were made to get Charlie from Warrington to Norwich with the help of three volunteer transporters who each did an hour or two of the journey (most of which Charlie slept through quite happily) and arrived in Norwich at 2.30 in the afternoon into the arms of his new mum who had been pacing the floor boards since 6 am in her excitement to meet him.

Charlie and his new mum are delighted to have found each other……..though Charlie needs a great deal of persuasion to leave the sofa for the most part of the day…..