A message from Flo’s new mum!

During mid-April this year, I was trawling through pages on various dog rescue websites when I came across Flo’s story. I followed the link to the Oldies’ Club website, and soon found myself perusing every page. Athough I read the plights of other dogs up for adoption, Flo’s photograph and details particularly stuck with me like no other. I was so taken with the club website, that I immediately sent off an e-mail volunteering my services, to help in any way that I could.

Although my husband and I had been searching for a whippet to re-home, I could not get Flo out of my mind. I began to make enquiries about her. After a long conversation with Kelly – the Top Dog at the O.C.! – contact was made with her owner and a date was arranged to meet the beautiful Flo.

Several long days later, my family and I met up with Flo and her owner for a walk and a chat. It was a done deal! After confirming arrangements with those concerned, Flo’s owner brought her up to our house a couple of days later. Flo seemed to remember me and trotted in to her forever home with us, and in to our hearts, for good.

Flo is a gentle, sweet-natured, loving, mature lady. Although getting on in years, she doesn’t act like it and still enjoys her walks, food, and having fun. She is wonderful with my 2 young children, and they absolutely adore her in return. My other dog, Rosie (age 9), now has a lovely friend to curl up with on the bed and go for walks with. She seems a lot happier also, since Flo came into our lives.

I cannot thank Kelly enough, for her help and support. I have since joined the Oldies forum, carried out some work for the club, and in doing so, have made some wonderful, like-minded friends.’

Elizabeth J Blackstock (Mrs)
Special Appeals Co-ordinator – The Oldies Club