Johnson (Oldies Club)


Johnson (with the big white bootees!) was such a popular boy when he was looking for a home via the Oldies Club; he soon found himself with a lovely new home. An Oldies Club member recently did a follow-up visit to ensure that all is well, and this is what was reported back:

“Went to do six week follow up visit on Johnson with his new mum and dad on Sunday 20th November at 11am.

He was pleased to see us again and I got a lot of cuddles from him. He has settled in really well and is enjoying life to the full. They love him to bits.

Dad’s comment today was: “He is the best thing that has happened to us”. Mum’s quote today was: “He has made our lives complete”. Both dad and mum said “Aunty Liz is not having him back…he is definitely in his forever home now”.

He sleeps on their bed sometimes with three cats!!! Hopefully they will be able to join us on our next Thetford Forest Walk.

It was great seeing him again with his mum and dad and how well they are all getting on, even though he did chase one of the cats when he first went there, but they get on OK now.

Photos attached. One of them has him with some Xmas tinsel round his neck with his mum. They have given me copies of photos they have taken of him on the beach, in his garden and in bed with his dad!!!!”