Easy going collie Meg is around 8-9 years old. After spending over a year in foster care, she has finally found her forever home! :-)

This is what Meg’s new mum had to say shortly after Meg came ‘home’:

Meg is now with us. She is very friendly and wants cuddles all the time… wherever I am she is with me, which is lovely. I think she has a soft spot for my husband too because once he comes home she’s all over him like a rash !

I took her to our vet this afternoon for their free health check. Of course we knew she is overweight, weighing in at 25.7 kilos !!! Our aim is to get her to at least 20. We are not sure if this is what is causing her problems with her back legs. She is always stiff getting up but once she gets going she is fine. I can see that because once on the trot she is faster than our other dog Sandy!

Meg is laying next to me as I type this and she is very much like my late Shep. He would follow me arround like my shadow. Tonight while I was having a shower I heard her coming upstairs which is the first time since she has been with us. I thought she couldn’t get up the stairs at first as she is very stiff on her back legs. It is taking a long time to put this together as she keeps pawing me to stroke her!

Be sure Meg will be well looked after. I am going to sort out some insurance for her and hopefully with losing some weight she will be a happy little dog. We are all just getting to know each other and our little ways but Rome wasn’t built in a day.



The Oldies Club wish Meg and her new family a long and happy future together! ;-)