Mitzi was another Irish poundie, brought to the UK under The Alice Project. This was what she looked like then:

A few words from Mitzi’s fosterer, Kelly:

I had a very tense wait the Tuesday after Easter as sixteen dogs were due to be put to sleep that morning. Happy to say the rescuers beat the vet to the pound that morning and all sixteen dogs were saved.

Reports from Mitzi’s saviours brought me to tears. They told me that when they’d first seen Mitzi sitting in the pound she looked like she knew she was due to die, she had given up hope long before her seven days were up. When they went to get her out she ran full pelt out of the pound and sat smiling on the front seat of the car all the way to the rescue centre.

When Mitzi arrived in the UK I had the absolute pleasure of fostering her for the two short weeks it took to find her forever home, this is what her lucky new owner had to say a few days after her adoption…..

Mitzi’s story

I first saw Mitzi on the Oldies web site and thought what a dear little dog, something about the expression on her face drew me to her. I had sadly just lost my little dog Hattie who was also a rescue dog. She was about 12 yrs old, was deaf, had mammary tumours and was losing her sight but I took her on for however long she had left, which turned out to be 11 months.

I was so sad to lose her but it was very sudden and the cancer had not started to make her feel unwell, my vet thinks she just had a heart attack as she slept on the settee one afternoon. So there was Mitzi looking very sad and I thought I’d like to give her a home. I have quite an outdoor life with horses. I am a Riding for the Disabled Instructor and look after 3 of the group’s horses and I also have my own horse. I do have another rescue dog called Max who is now nearly 15 yrs old and enjoying a quieter life.

After some organisation which to me resembled a military operation, Kelly managed to get Mitzi in this part of the Country, Oxfordshire and little Mitzi arrived last Saturday. She just settled in so quickly it seems like she has been here for ages. She’s got on well with everyone, was a bit dubious about the horses but has got used to them. She is a real sweetheart and whoever let her stray has really missed a great opportunity of having a lovely little companion. Mitzi is here to stay, thanks to the Oldies Club and to Kelly and helpers who got her to her new home. So very many thanks to everyone who was involved in bring this little dog from Ireland. I hope others will offer an older dog a home and help the Oldies Club help these dogs find their forever homes, Mitzi has found hers.