This is the beautiful Peggy, previously known as Sally.

Peggy had endured a hard life before arriving at Babbington Rescue in Nottinghamshire. This affectionate, gentle girl has multiple scars, suggesting she had either been attacked by a number of dogs, or had cruelly been used for baiting.

Her other health problems included epilepsy (controlled with medication), obesity and liver damage but none of this put off her new mum, Marie, who saw through Peggy’s problems to the loving little dog inside.

Peggy is now living happily with her new family – including new best friend Archie – and enjoying all the pampering and love she had missed out on. Her weight is being brought down with a calorie-controlled diet and her health is improving under Marie’s tender loving care.

And what does Marie have to say about her family’s new companion?

“As far as I am concerned it is the Oldies Club that made it possible for this older lady to find a new home and spend the rest of her life experiencing the love she deserves.”

Peggy certainly looks happy about it!