In Loving Memory: Sadly, this animal has now passed away.


October 2006 We are sorry to announce that Ted, the dog who inspired the original creation of the Oldies Club, has now passed away in a loving home. Our thoughts go to his bereaved owners.

Ted was the original ‘poster dog’ for the Oldies Club, and did so much to promote the rehoming of older dogs.

Below, you can read his original Rehoming Story.

Hi there everyone, I am the lovely TED !

The first morning for Ted

This is me on the first morning in my new home. Would you like to know how I got there? Well I am going to tell you anyway.

I am 13 years old and somehow I got lost on the streets of Warrington, I don’t really know how long for but I got very thin and I got very scared of cars. One day I was caught and taken to the pound. I did not like it there, it was cold and I was miserable. Then I got taken to a rescue place and although it was better, I was not very happy there either but then I got sent to some lovely foster-parents and they made loads of fuss of me and gave me cuddles and lots to eat and took me for walks. After about 2 weeks my new Mummy and Daddy came and collected me and took me home.

Ted & mum

This is me having a cuddle on my Mummy’s lap. I have three trailhound friends here and one of them is 14 even older than me! There are also 3 cat things. One of them I chase but the other two I respect ‘cos they smack me if I try and chase them.

I asked my Mummy why she brought me to live with her and my Daddy and she said first she noticed my picture on the internet as needing a home and she said I reminded her of Sally, the elderly trailhound. Mummy said when I moved to foster-parents not too far away, she could not believe it and then lots of pictures of me started coming on the internet and a lovely poem about how I needed a new forever home. Mummy said that she was not looking for another doggie but that I “called?? to her and she kept reading about me and then she decided to ask if she could be considered to offer me a new home. Once Daddy and Mummy met me they fell in love immediately they say and I thought they were OK too so I agreed to go home with them.

So here I am in my new home. I have decided that I like it a lot and I getting quite relaxed and confident. I have put on some weight and I really love my cuddles and my walks. My Mummy and Daddy say that I am a delightful little boy and they love me very much and I think that I love them back too.

Ted waiting

This is me waiting to see if I am going to get a biscuit.

Please think about giving an oldie doggie a home – we really are worth it ‘cos my Mummy says so!

Bye for now, from the lovely Ted!

In Loving Memory: Sadly, this animal has now passed away.