Tessa’s story is bitter sweet. After this lovely old lurcher girl was brought in to Suffolk Animal Rescue in early 2005, it was discovered that Tessa has an inoperable thyroid tumour.

In April, the vet gave her a prognosis of three months to live. SA Rescue’s first thought was to allow Tessa to end her days with Jayne, her foster carer, but they appealed to the Oldies Club to see if, just maybe, a home could be found for Tessa in her final months, however long that might be.

Well, far from finding no-one interested in helping this beautiful dog, we received three wonderful home offers for Tessa. The Oldies Club would like to thank her new owner for giving this beautiful girl a chance at a happy final home, and thank you to everyone who expressed an interest in a “no-hoper” like Tessa.

Tessa is settling well with her new mum and the other household dogs – we hope to have more pictures soon! :-)