A letter from Bruno Shortlegs!

Bruno has sent a letter to his old foster home!

“July 2006
Dear Foster parents.
I thought that you would probably be worrying about how I’m settling in with my new family, so thought I’d write and let you know that I’m absolutely fine. My first week has been very busy and I’ve been having lots of fun walks and swims!

On my first day we went to a local forest (Epping) and I was able to cool off in a big smelly lake. Ruby (my new sister) joined in and we had lots of fun! Jen (my new mummy) had to bathe us both when we got home as we were very dirty!

Since then we’ve been on lots of other walks, either early in the morning or late at night as it is too hot for me and Ruby during the day. I’m beginning to quite like Ruby. She has stopped bouncing on me now (after a couple of tellings off) and we have daily “mad moments” together when we run from one end of the house to the other! At night, Ruby sleeps in the lounge, but I prefer to sleep in the spare bedroom, it is very soft and comfortable.

Although I still miss you both, I am settling in well, am now eating properly, and scratching a little less, (the vet gave me some special powder to put in my food).

Well, it’s very hot, so I must go and have another rest! Hope to see you again soon.

Lots of wags and woofs,
Bruno Shortlegs”

Here’s Bruno visiting the Wag and Bone show with his new owner and sister.

And an update from his new owner too:

“Just to let you know that Bruno is doing well. He is so gorgeous that I can’t stop looking at him! He is still spending all of his time on my lap, nipping at my face – so cute. He hasn’t lost much weight – he’s eating very well, and he does enjoy a pigs ear every now and then! He and Ruby share an occasional kiss, but spend most of their time playing tug-of-war with various toys! Ruby loves having Bruno around, and if Ruby pops next door, Bruno really cries! I can’t separate them now. They’re like an old married couple.
Anyway, I’ll write again soon.”