Beau and Belle (GRWE & Bath Cats & Dogs Home)

Beau and Belle (was Donna) were both listed on the Oldies Club website on behalf of the rescues that were helping them. Their new owners saw Beau here, listed on behalf of Greyhound Rescue West of England and fell for him – once Beau had settled in, these marvelous people decided to adopt Belle (Donna from Bath Cats and Dogs Home), who had been waiting for a home for some time.

Beau had been living with an elderly couple who became unable to care for him, so he had to leave a very cosy and loving home to come back into kennels, which was very sad for him.

Belle was a very timid Sloughi who had never lived in a home, so needed an understanding owner to spoil her rotten!

Her owners say:
“We adopted Beau from GRWE on the 27th Oct and Belle formerly known as Donna from Bath Cat and Dogs home on 31th Dec. We initially found them both on your website and have been recommending it to friends since.

Beau has come on wonderfully and is a real character and Belle is settling in just nicely. They are both beautiful dogs and get on great with our elderly male cat (17yrs old).

We had seen Donna on your site and thought she would be a good match but knew it would require several visits with her being an rspca case. We managed to get some time off to travel down to meet her over the Christmas break and to our surprise and delight her handlers were happy to liaise with the home checkers from GRWE, and we were able to take her home two days later which fitted in rather nicely with our visit to family in the area!

They are both beautiful dogs. Beau has been used for hunting prior to being with an elderly couple who could no longer care for him and Belle had been kept by some rather unscrupulous breeders. Belle is safe with us now and they are both adored and cherished.

As you can see from the photos they are making themselves at home! I have more of Beau than Belle as we didn’t want to photo her too much as she is just settling in. However Beau has come on so much that I’m sure he positively goofs around for the camera!!”

Feb 2005 – here is an update with more photos. Belle has learned to run off lead and enjoy the outdoors for the first time in her life. Isn’t that fantastic!

Their owners say:
“Here are another few photos of the beauties surveying their Alderley Edge Manor and having an after dinner nap!!
Belle left the house of her own accord today ie she didn’t need carrying out through the doorway. We took her out to
an enclosed field three days ago and she discovered the joys of running off the lead for the first time. She loves it
and better still doesn’t need carrying out the door as she now wants to go outside to enjoy herself!!!

Needless to say the whole family have been out jogging since…….

Beau rediscovered his youth on Hare Hill in Alderley Edge and I discovered how unfit I was chasing him up and down the
100 feet ravines!!!! Fortunately he has quite a well rounded rear end that probably stopped him disappearing down some
rather large ‘cheshire set’ hare mansions. There is plenty of life in that old monkey for sure!!”