Benji (Warrington Animal Welfare)


Here is the story of Oldies Club Liz’s follow-up visit:

“Just to let you know that I have today been to do a follow-up check on Benji from WAW.

After a challenging start, with various anxious moments…all of which have now been happily sorted with The Oldies Club giving advice, Benji has much improved and settled in.

He has his own space on the settee. At night he sleeps with one of the human sons of the family. He is very intelligent and even if they did not want him to, he can open the doors and sneak in anyway! Benji is learning to accept the other visiting sons. Benji’s recall when out and off lead is getting a lot better…he is such a wuss when other dogs approach he runs off home!!!

Dad says:- he is as happy as larry and Benji is as daft as a brush (or was that the other way round?!!)
Son says – they absolutely adore Benji and would not be without him.
Mum says:- he has settled in nicely now and is OK so he can stay.

Photos attached: 1) Benji on settee getting tummy rubs from mum and 2) Benji squashing his favourite toy a squeaky chicken…comfy or what?”