Cash’s new owners feel like they’ve won the lottery!


March 2007 Cash has now sadly passed away, but he gave so much joy to his family in the short time he was with them.


Cash was unwanted by his former owners, in fact, they wanted him to be put to sleep. Thankfully, RSPCA London NE Branch were having none of that and they placed Cash in one of their foster homes and set out on a quest to find a wonderful new home for this very old Staffy boy.

Cash has now found his new home and we have received this message from Cash’s new owner:

“The advert asked if anyone could re-home an old boy Staffie called Cash for his last few months born in 1991 which makes him at least 15. We looked at his picture and then the details, talked it over and thought to ourselves, yeah we can do that if he gets on with Ollie our retired ex-racing greyhound who is 10.

We went and saw him, poor little man dragging his back legs around and falling over on his walk. A previous accident means he has a plate in one of his back legs and his other back leg has severe muscle wastage, he has bad eyesight and is quite deaf (selective me thinks!) and also has a cough. We fell in love with this little soul.

We had a home check the same day and he was in our family home by 2 in the afternoon. Ollie and Cash get on well together, she, Ollie, sleeps all day the laziest dog in the world and Cash loves the peace and quiet and joins in. They are not sharing a bed at the moment but are continually swapping over. One week on and a visit to the vets Cash is walking on all fours now, in fact running about faster than most when food is on the go and loves going for walks something we thought he would never do!

After his fist night and horrendous coughing attacks he is much better now and is taking tablets for the cough. People think we are mad because of the stress when we lose him, but all I can say is our lives are so much richer since we got him and we have had some real laughs as well as tears over the last week.

If he does only have months, (and to see him you would be like the RSPCA Inspector and think he is so happy how could anyone just get rid), we know that we will have been able to put something back and give him a loving home in his old age, somewhere, quiet, safe with food on tap and a leggy sister who seems quite interested in his bits and pieces!

We would recommend homing an Oldie to anyone – they have so much to give and, just like a puppy, you learn all about them as you go along and they soon tell you if you are not right – there really is nothing to be afraid of. The wagging tails of our two rescues say all we need to hear.”

Isn’t that a wonderful happy ending?