Charley (Oldies Club) – Spoilt rotten in her new home!


We’ve received a great update on Charley:

“Since Charley has got her paws under our table (or waving in the air if lying on our bed or sofa) all her bald patches have grown back and her general health and fitness have much improved. When she first arrived we were told she was used to eating chicken and chocolate and when given ordinary dog food would not eat it. She is now a connoisseur of the finer dog foods but will eat “IAMS” if that’s all that’s on offer. Charley is still a smidge overweight but now enjoys long walks without breathlessness.

She loves the garden and likes to bark and see off the pigeons and squirrels that frequent it or just run after shadows it that’s all that’s there. She is now showing her true feisty nature and will even take on the petrol lawnmower which makes us and our neighbours laugh. She gets very cross with thunder and also fireworks but we have recently discovered that the promise and giving of tiny food treats for good and quiet behaviour is working wonders.

Charley is very good with our grandchildren and they love her to pieces. Our six year old boy is ten foot tall when allowed to walk her on the lead and Charley appears to be just as thrilled, it is a joy to watch them.

Thank you Oldies Club for enriching us and our family and friends lives by allowing us to adopt Charley.”


Thank you from the Oldies Club, for offering Charley such a wonderful new home!