In Loving Memory: Sadly, this animal has now passed away.



7/7/2009 We are so sorry to hear that Maisie has sadly passed away. This is the lovely tribute we have received from her family who loved her so much:-
“I wanted to let you know that Maisie, my beautiful collie-cross has had to be put to sleep. We rescued her via oldies club..she had been placed by RSPCA into kennels near us in Norfolk. My son and I made two visits to see her and introduce our other 2 dogs. On our first visit she tried to get in the car and come home with us – she was so hard
to leave, and she came home to us – much to our delight, at Xmas 2006.
She became very ill recently and on the vets advice I had to have her put down. She is buried in our garden, where she loved to run about with our other dogs. This pic is of Masie and Wolfie, my other golden oldie from oldies club”.



19/01/2006 We have received this lovely update message from Maisy’s new owner:

“Dear Oldies club

I hope you you can use some of these photos to update the oldies club site.

I saw Maisie on the Oldies Club website and contacted Kelly to ask about her. Of course she said she’d be perfect for me! Despite the fact I had no intention of having 3 dogs I went to visit her at the kennels and agreed to a homecheck right away. No-one could have left such a gorgeous girl in kennels over Christmas! All went well and she came to live with us forever on the Friday before Christmas.

She settled in with the other 2 right away (Wolfie, aged 11, a terrier/collie cross, and Bertie, 3, a JRT cross). She loves her walk, playing with sticks and cuddles. She is also the most terrible thief you ever met. Bertie and she have joined up to form a lethal double act. He distracts me and she steals from the kitchen! I’m having to get wise to having such a tall dog!

As you can see from the pics, she had a great Christmas, and has become a huge cuddle-monster. We all think she’s just great!”



It’s great to know that Maisie has landed on her feet!

In Loving Memory: Sadly, this animal has now passed away.