Max is pining no more! (The Ark, Lincolnshire)

Distraught Max captured the hearts of so many Oldies Club readers that The Ark were inundated with enquiries about him, from all over the country. After less than a week on the Oldies Club website, Max was on his way to his new life with a family with previous experience of rehabilitating a traumatised dog.

Max’s new owner has sent daily updates to The Ark to let them know how Max is getting on. She has kindly agreed that we can share this lovely story:

Day 1
Just to let you know we got him home safely, although his position of choice in the car was right behind me, panting and slobbering over my shoulder. Not the most pleasant experience I must say!

He’s had a wander around the house, has completely ignored the cats and seems uninterested in the other dogs. He’s still growling at us now and again but has now gone to sleep in the office. I got the lead off him fine, hopefully it’ll go on again later when I take him out to do his business.

Once he’s properly settled I’ll get some photos of him to send to you. Fingers crossed it won’t take too long.

Day 2
He’s improving dramatically as the hours go by. He spent all of yesterday evening upstairs with the kids – and then slept in our room. He let me stroke his head for a few seconds earlier and has been fine with having the lead on and off.

We were a bit worried – as was he – that he wouldn’t be able to get downstairs again, but he managed it earlier and I took him out for a walk and when he came back he had a huge bowl of food.

The attached photo was taken earlier when we were trying to coax him downstairs with a sausage – he appears to have a new best friend, the puppy is following him everywhere. I’m confident that he’ll be his normal self very soon.


Day 2 – later
Well, we’ll have more photos soon I’m sure. He’s settling in so well, and is following me around constantly. He’s had two enormous meals today and a few sausages, plus a nice walk outside. He seemed fascinated with the Christmas tree going up too.

He’s not yet met the GSD, as he stayed upstairs all last night and she doesn’t go up there, but I’m sure he’ll be fine with her – she’s very laid back and very good with other dogs.

I emailed one of the contact addresses at Oldies yesterday to let them know we’d taken him, but I suppose you have a more direct line to them! I’ll keep the photos coming over the next day or so as he gets more settled.

Day2 – later still!
I’ve just seen Max’s page – it’s fab – and I’ve already got more photos for you! Just use the ones you want to, and there will be more to come I’m sure. This is his first meeting with Jodie, and it’s going incredibly well. Lots of sniffing and tail wagging, and LouLou has got in on the act there too!! Fantastic stuff going on here!




Well, he’s coming on in leaps and bounds! Jeff took him out twice today, and he spent the rest of his time under the desk in the office while Jeff worked – literally under his feet.

When I got home from work tonight he was absolutely delighted to see me and the tail was virtually going round in circles. He then nudged his head up under my hand for a fuss!! I couldn’t believe it.

Later I was having a sandwich in the kitchen and he came and sat in front of me and lifted his paw up – begging!! I fed him his own food but he continued to shadow me while I made the kids’ tea. I can’t believe how much he’s changed in a few hours really, so am very hopeful for his future with us. He’s doing brilliantly and getting on great with the other dogs and the cats too.

Day 3 – later
I swear it gets better and better! He’s let me really give him a good old fuss today – you know when you just want to ruffle the ears and make contact – he’s let me do it for ages. And tonight, I had some spag bol left and got up to take my plate out – he was jumping around like a puppy hoping to get my leftovers (which he did of course).

He’s a total poppet and I’m so glad we took him in. Jeff had his doubts to start with – but he let me get on with it (as he’s realized he must when I’m fixated on rescuing something), and now he’s loving Max as much as I am.

Honestly, if I had the money and didn’t have to work, I’d have a house full of them! I am emailing the Ark site to everybody at work tomorrow – to show them Max’s page, and to suggest that if anybody can, they should rescue an old dog. You never know, somebody might do it!

Day 5
Max really is coming on in leaps and bounds still. He’s so keen on having a fuss he’s actually nudging us with his nose to have his head and ears ruffled. He spends the day under Jeff’s desk then hangs around me all evening, particularly when I’m cooking! Actually, as I’m typing, Jeff has just come in and shown me a little video he’s done of Max – his head on Jeff’s leg, having a fuss!!

I sent the link to his page around work and have had some lovely comments from my colleagues about it. They seem to think I’ve done something marvellous, but I’m just a sucker for a sad story and big brown eyes! Plus I knew we’d done miracles with Jodie, so I knew we could do it again.

I’ll get some more photos to you of Max actually having a fuss, which you’ll love seeing – just need to take some! He’s getting on great with Jodie, there are no concerns there at all. I’m just so glad we took the chance with him. He’s a gorgeous lovely dog.

Day 7
Well, this old boy is really doing us proud! Now when it’s walk time he actually jumps up in excitement. Jeff’s been doing the walking while I’ve been at work and tonight I was watching them as he went to get the lead. Max jumped right up at him and then sat down to have the lead put on. I was stunned! He constantly comes to us for a fuss, and if he doesn’t get it straightaway he nudges our hands with his nose! We can touch him anywhere, and give him a good old ruffle and he loves it.

We had friends over for dinner last night and within about half an hour, he was nudging them for a fuss too. They’ve just popped in tonight to pick up various children I’d collected from a school disco, and he was straight over to my friend for a fuss. It was amazing. He’s a completely different dog to the one we collected only a week ago.

He’s eating anything and everything we give him (usually dog food although cheese seems to be a particular favourite), and his poo is now back to normal. When he came here last week he was passing yellow sludge, I’m guessing he wasn’t doing much sleeping or eating while he was so unhappy, but happily, it’s all as you would expect now.

He’s getting on really well with the other dogs and there is no problem at all with the cats. Mind you, this house is one of those mad places where all the animals just fit in and get on without any trouble.

Not a dry eye at the Oldies Club after reading this. We look forward to sharing more news of Max and his amazing transformation into a happy, contented oldie.