Rolo (Suffolk Animal Rescue)


Rolo spent his former life living outdoors on a farm. When his owner had to move without Rolo, he found himself looking for a new home at the age of 11.

We are delighted to hear from Rolo’s new owner with the following update on his remarkable transition to living the indoor life:

“Here is a photo (above) of the gorgeous Chocolate Labrador, Rolo who came to live with us forever earlier this year.

At the age of 11 Rolo has adapated extremely well to his new life indoors (not one single accident) has put on weight and his once matted rough coat is now so glossy and smooth.

He gets so many compliments where ever he goes and the tail never stops wagging! He’s such a gorgeous boy and so very loving.

He has made great friends with Rocky, a twelve year old Whippet cross, who came to stay with us as a foster dog but ended up staying forever also!

Although Rolo is 11 he is young at heart and most certainly living life to the full. I would highly recommend anyone to adopt an “oldie” – I certainly couldn’t be without mine!”

What a lovely photo and a great story!