Samson the Sarny Snaffler (Oldies Club)

February 2007
More Samson news:

“Sam is doing well as ever – he doesnt seem to realise he is an ‘Older Boy’. The only time this shows is when he climbs stairs but Steve always gives him a hand so he is OK.

His misdemeanours continue…..and include knicking my Bumper bag of Revels en route to Cornwall and leaving the bag full of Staffie spit AND two soft centres. Dont ask how he did it. Suffice to say he was asleep at the petrol station, snoring loudly. Steve got out to give me a hand & his nibs woke up at the speed of light and stuck his nose in the packet. I was beating on the window threatening Taxidermy BUT he just kept eating….

He also did some zebra impressions on the beach (managed to sit against the wet paint in the bedroom and we only noticed as he tore toward the beach…). ‘What colour is our beloved dog?’ asked my other half. ‘He is a beautiful Staffie Brindle,’ I replied. ‘Then why has he got a stripey white bum?’ said my husband. “Oh Bugger…..’ said I.

Lastly we walked along the beach after a hard days painting watching our beautiful boy enjoying frolicking in the sand. He was rolling and rubbing himself around. ‘Oh he is so happy’, we said. ‘He is scratching his back on the lovely sand.’ Only as we approached did we realise that the little so and so had found a dead dog fish which was washed up on the beach…Sam had been gaily rolling over it and rubbing against it for many minutes before we realised and removed him rather promptly. He was not impressed. But the neither were we as we sat in the pub with the strong smell of gone off fish rising toward our nostrils. We pretended that we couldnt smell anything as we ignored the looks of the other pub goers. The fact Sam was sat in front of an open fire probably contributed to the extreme strength of the smell. We toddled off home as the smell just got more and more pungent. Unfortunately we had to put up with it all night due to Sam sleeping right next to our bed…..

There’s never a dull moment with our Sam.”


January 2007
We’ve received another update on Samson:

“Couldnt resist sending you this pic of Sam and his Dad. I am the one who cooks his organic brown rice, organic veg & chicken and then worries about his vitamin & mineral intake. I am the one who makes his comfy bed at nightime and zooms home at lunchtime to let him out and give him a cuddle BUT Sam loves his Dad – simple as that…..Wherever Steve is, Sam is about a foot away. Apart from cuddle time when they sit glued together on the sofa.
Michelle x
PS In case you cant tell which one is which, Sam is the one with the fur and Steve is the bald greying one.”



December 2006
Oldies Club staffy boy, Samson, has recently found a new home.


This is an update from his new owner:

“Just to let you know we have now been down to St Ives twice with our boy in tow. He LOVES the beach!!! He just wont keep out of the sea and adores the sand on his paws. He was a total babe on the way down BUT I have to say was slightly naughty. We arrived at Exeter (change over of driver point) and opened the back to let Sam out for a wee. An empty packet floated to the floor & Sam looked away as if to say, ‘Where did that come from?’ The packet was from the bumper pack of dog chews I had bought to take to the seaside for him. He had opened my bag and snaffled 25 chews – without making a sound – en route. needless to say he was told if he was sick he could clean it up himself – he ignored me and just gave me Staffy eyes….

On the beach he met a spaniel – and nicked his ball. Luckily the owner said he could keep it as he had loads. Sam came home with his trophy doing a Staffy grin. He has been in The Sloop (oldest pub in St Ives) and snored under the table – to the amusement of everyone there. He seems to like pubs as Steve takes him every friday after work – Sam just soaks up the adoration as if to say, ‘OK, I know Im gorgeous….just get the cuddles over with as I have to catch some Z’zeds…’


Today we got back from taking some stuff down to our cottage and Sam was as good as gold in the van – apart from one small incident which was my fault. I had made a pile of cheese and tomato sarnies for the journey – wrapped in cling film of course. We arrived at Exeter and Sam went for a wee and then sat in the front of the van while we went for a coffee. He likes sitting in the drivers seat on guard.

When we got back the sarnies (previously on the dashboard) were conspicuous by their absence….we strongly suspect that you know who snaffled the lot!!!! That boy is a Sarnie snaffler of the worst order. He is a total Beach Bum and is now convinced everytime he gets in the car that he is off to his seaside home. He slept next to Mum & dads bed while in St Ives and was good as gold. Apart from the snoring…..

Am doing my best to send pics asap – not too hot on the old technology front. Watch this space…will enrol help of teenage son for pic sending!!!



Sam is currently on the sofa opposite Cheeky the Cat. Both are sleeping and snoring loudly.

Sam is on the beach at St Ives for New Year – we will take loads of pictures of him saying hello to the New Year – I hope his old family know he has settled in well to his new home.”