Sasha (Animal Concern, Cumbria)

Sasha first came to Animal Concern at the age of eight months, as her owners felt she had some aggression issues. She sadly had received some abuse in her life: she was been kicked by an old gentleman who should have known better, and is subsequently not at all comfortable with older men, and she can be a little picky about new people. She also has guarding traits that can be a bit tricky for those not familiar with utility breeds/Dobermans. Unfortunately this made it difficult for her to fit in in a new home.

Sasha has one major vice: a tendency to eat stones. It may sound funny, but poses a desperately serious risk to her health, as Sasha has already had three operations in the past to remove stones from her stomach. She really cannot have any more, so it is vital that this risk to her health is avoided, and so Sasha has to wear a muzzle when she is out and about offlead, or anywhere that she might be able to pick up stones.

Sadly, by the time the Oldies Club heard about her, Sasha was so used to being passed by that she hade given up any thought of finding her own forever home, and she was quite nervous with new people and would hide at the back of the kennel when people come to visit.

Animal Concern Cumbria had tried hard to find her the right home, but we felt that perhaps an all-out publicity campaign would do the job. We contacted local news, organised a poster campaign for her, and listed her details on our website. A new home came forward – but alas, Sasha took a dislike to an older member of the family, so that didn’t work out.

Finally in March 2006 a family came forward for Sasha, and this time it worked out. She had a few issues, but they were able to handle them, and she has now settled in nicely in her new home with her new doggy friend Bonnie. And here she is:

Her new family say:

Hi all at the Oldies Club,
We Just wanted to let you know that all is going fine with Sasha, she seems very happy and much more at home each day. She does have her ‘little issues’ but nothing we can’t work through and has been with us a month now and is very much part of the family and here to stay. We are all off on holiday to Scotland in the morning, so hopefully she will enjoy her first holiday with us too.
Best wishes
Caroline and Family