Shamrock (Oldies Club)

Shamrock (“Sham” for short) is a ten year old Irish Red Setter who came to the Oldies Club due to her mum’s ill health.

Here is what her new owner has to say about her:
“Would just like to let you know that despite Sham’s dodgy start when she arrived (operation etc) she is doing well. She has settled in very well now and is getting used to meeting lots of new dogs and people. At first she barked madly when she saw dogs or people on the heath (even if they didn’t bark at her, the dogs not the people) but is now getting used to them.

She could also see them out of our window over the heath and would bark furiously then too. That has also stopped. She has 19 acres of heathland right outside her front door and we often go up the local wood and local recreation centre which is another 50 acres or so. She had her first paddle in the lake there today (forgot my camera). I’ve been training her with the whistle and she comes running back now 99.9% of the time.

Her appetite is still foracious and the noise when I’m doing their tea is hysterical, anyone would think she’d never been fed. She still doesn’t like a groom and has to be muzzled (I don’t think she’d bite but best not to take chances).

She’s quite possessive with her cuddly toys and treats (she has new ones of her own now) and growls at Rosie when she passes her, which is funny because Rosie doesn’t bother with toys. She never had chance with Ruby pinching them all. Ruby has astounded me, she always takes them from Rosie but has never done with Sham. With that I don’t let her have them all the time, just at night when we’re all settled down and she can lie in her bed with them in her mouth or under her chin. Strange, when at her fosterers she let the other dogs take toys from her, maybe because they were smaller I don’t know.

She has a new bed, new fleece we bought from Crufts, new collar and lead, new bowls and stand. Oh, and she loves to loll on the couch and chairs, she even gets up now and lies beside us with her head on our laps. All our friends on the heath love her and everyone that visits say she looks like she’s been here forever. And she seems to love all the male visitors we get and especially her dad.

PS: When I take my washing down and leave a load ready on the floor she roots through it to see if there are any socks or hankies and pinches them. We’ll also be going on our usual twice yearly cottage holiday soon to the Highlands so hopefully she’ll enjoy that and I’ll enjoy taking my usual hundreds of pics.

Update 13/6/2006
She has settled beautifully into her new home, and is doing really well with her new family which includes three other dogs.

Sham has just been in for her second visit to the groomers, and has had a full clip to help her get through the summer heat. Her coat is now gleaming with health, as she is getting supplements : it was a bit starchy, but you can really tell the difference now she has had a good cut.

Her new owner says:

“I think she looks happier and younger now and the heat has been too much for her so it should help a lot now she’s shorter.

Oh and when Bri turned his back for a minute last night she pinched his baked spud with cheese on from his plate (he’ll learn).”

Here are some pictures of her (plus friend!): what a character.