Thank You Oscar! (Oldies Club)

Oscar - beloved Golden Oldie

When we were first asked to list Oscar on the Oldies Club website as a private rehoming, we really wondered if we were doing the right thing. In the first photos we were sent (see his listing here- the pics we were sent are at the bottom) he looked so depressed and lifeless we really wondered if his owners were just not willing to accept that he was coming to the end of his life. We were told he was 14 years old, which is elderly for a ridgeback type dog, and not bad for a collie either (Oscar is thought to be a collie x ridgeback).

The Oldies Club actually sent a volunteer round to meet him because we really weren’t sure if moving him on would be right. He seemed physically in reasonable condition though – so we decided to advertise him and arrange for him to move to a foster home. It was definitely the right decision. Here is a really lovely tribute to Oscar from his new owners- and just look at the difference in the photos:

Oscar - beloved Golden Oldie
Oscar - beloved Golden Oldie
Oscar - beloved Golden Oldie
Oscar - beloved Golden Oldie

“We saw you on the Oldies website in October 2005 and fate (or something) led us to you.

We came to collect you from Northamptonshire in November, Mr Watson, the man you had been fostered by was really good, kind and obviously cared a great deal for you. We felt guilty taking you away from him. You’d been with him for nine weeks and had obviously found a place in his heart. He had tears, we did too, you just jumped into our car, so trusting, after all you’d been through

You were good as gold in the car on the long journey home. Again, so trusting with us, complete strangers, not knowing where you were going, or to what. As soon as you arrived at (y)our home, you buried the rawhide bone we’d given you for the journey home in the garden. I can’t believe that you remembered it and dug it up in May!! That was one soggy manky bone!!

You’ve been with us for eight wonderful months now. You’ve made our house a home and we have a real purpose. You’re my angel sweetheart. The first thing I see every morning, is your face, sticking your wet nose in my face to say “come on mum, I wanna wee!” and wagging your tail so hard you might take off.

You like your morning walk, then breakfast, then I get you settled on your bed in the lounge before I have to go out to work. I hate leaving you on a morning; we have our routine though don’t we – a schmako on your bed and then I leave…I know you’re OK really. I’ve snuck back a couple of times to check, and more or less as soon as I leave, you’re up on the couch, snoring….

I come in at lunchtime and WOW, what a welcome. So excited to see me, bounding around the house (are you sure you’re 14?!), lots of barking and general carrying on! We go for a nice lunchtime wander and then back for lunch. You gobble yours so quickly, just so you can sit staring at me while I eat mine, knowing I can’t resist and will always relent and give you a bit of mine. You love fruit and veg, which I find quite bizarre, I think your favourite is tomatoes!! When I have to go back to work again, its another schmako, then I’m away. I wish I could stay with you all day, but I have to work, and I think you really quite like your afternoon naps. I put the fan on and in this warm weather, a cold wet tea towel on your back to cool you down before I leave you watching Animal Planet….. you nap again, getting back you’re energy for when we get in from work at teatime.

You LOVE LOVE LOVE your squeaky toys. You must stop eating them though, there’re not good for you. You love your playtimes when we get in from work though don’t you… again, are you sure you’re 14??

One question Oscar (well I’ve got lots, but one for now) – what is your tail powered by? It NEVER stops wagging. You are always happy and never fail to cheer me up if I’m feeling down. I think you have special powers! You have the sweetest nature I’ve ever seen.

We both love you with all of our hearts and will always be grateful to have had you in our lives.

Why were you waiting so long on the website? Why are any of you??? So sad, because you’ve got so much love to give and really don’t ask for much at all, just love and care…and you pay us back ten fold with your love and loyalty to us.

We are both so grateful and never regret for a second taking on “an oldie”. We’ve said several times it’s the best thing we’ve ever done. I really can’t sing your praises enough baby boy, I hope we’re doing alright by you. I think we are. We’ve noticed you’ve put on weight and your coat is looking healthy and shiny, you’ve got such a springy, sprightly step when we’re out. People don’t realise you’re a golden oldie.

Oscar - beloved Golden Oldie

We Do
xxx ”