Todd (Oldies Club)

Oldie Labrador Todd

Oldie Labrador Todd was found wandering in Bohermeen, Navan, on June 20th 2005 in very poor condition. He had an abcess on his eye, pressure callouses on his elbows, and stiff front legs.

Todd was nursed back to health at Last Hope rescue in Ireland, but the rescue urgently needed kennel space for other dogs as neglected and needy as Todd, and so he came across to the UK to an Oldies Club foster home.

Todd seemed like the perfect oldie – with his gentle nature and is a quiet, steady character, good with cats and kids, we didn’t think he’d be waiting long, even though he does have a minor skin condition that needs ongoing treatment.

Todd smiling

But for some reason – perhaps because of his colour – it wasn’t until October that Todd got any serious interest. By this time his foster carer had definitely fallen for him, and if there had been space would definitely have hung on to him!

Here is what she said about him in August 2005:

“19/08/05 -Todd is still here!!

I cannot believe that nobody has snapped up this lovely boy. Todd is absolutely bomb proof, fantastic with dogs of all sizes, not bothered by the cats and absolutely adores the kids……or more importantly the food source they provide lol.

Todd is so comical and a complete clown that entertains us all on a regular basis. He brings us ‘gifts’ throughout the day….a slipper, the remote control for the TV a fallen apple from the garden. Each gift is laid in our hands and then he smiles and lays down contentedly with a sigh as if to say ‘ right, job done!’ ”

Todd was finally rehomed in October. At first it seemed like he was settling well: here he is in the new home:

Sadly (and through no fault of Todd’s) the home didn’t work out, and so, in March 2006, Todd had to come back to the Oldies Club, to a new foster home in South Wales.

As usual, Todd set about capturing the hearts of everyone he met. It wasn’t long before his fosterers decided that he was definitely not moving on to another home. Here he is: home for good at last.