Bailey (Oldies Club) – Pictures from his new home!

September 2007 – We’ve received another update from Bailey!


“Hi there,

I just thought I’d say a hello again. My butler has just given me my lunch and taken this (if I do say so myself) a rather good picture of my handsomeness. My maid is out at work, earning some money so that I can have some Pedigree Joint Care sticks, they’re grrrrrreat!

I wasn’t very well over the weekend. I went to the spa on Saturday for a wash, cut and blowdry. Because I was such a brave little soldier I was rewarded with extra ball throws and a bone. They’ve never given me a bone before and I think it didn’t agree with me. I was very ill on Sunday, hardly wanting to move and walking very gingerly when I did. I think I was extra stiff as well as a little ill. Anyway, I’m as right as rain now and off to play over the field with that pink ball in the picture.

My butler is back now, so I’ll sign off and tell him to fetch my lead.

Keep looking after all the Springers and Oldies, and I’ll mail you again soon.

Bailey xx ”




June 2007 – Here’s an update from the boy himself……

Just thought I’d drop you a line after arriving in my new home. My new butler drove while my new maid stayed in the back with me. We stopped a couple of times at the service stations on the way back so that I could stretch my legs and have a nose around and get them to pet me a bit. I reckon I have this pair wrapped around my little finger.


I told them to buy me a squeaky ball for me to play with, and they came back with bright PINK! What about that? Never mind, I showed them what I thought of it by breaking the squeak off it within an hour. They think I’m stupid and that they can take it off me when I go for a drink, but I have a way round that, I leave it in the water bowl – they won’t touch it while it’s there.


Anyway, must go now, I fancy a bit of a walk around the new neighbourhood, then a spot of supper before relaxing after a hard day. I’ll write more later.

And another update from Bailey ….

It’s me again! I’m getting used to it here now. There’s no real water to speak of, but we did go for a walk along the canal side last night and I very nearly got in. I managed to get my front paws over the edge before my new butler stopped me. They are talking about taking me to a park with a lake over the weekend if the weather isn’t bad – they realise now that I have a water urge that needs to be fulfilled.

I have a new routine here. When my butler isn’t at work we get up at about 6.30-7.00 and then go for a walk over the 60 acres of fields behind my back garden. We do the “fetch the ball thing” until one of us gets fed up and then go home for a spot of breakfast, typically a handful of Pal biscuits, two yukky cod liver oil tablets and some tinned meat. I like to have a morning nap on the bed while by butler sorts his stuff out on the computer then we go for a lunchtime walk on the lead so that I don’t get too out of breath, and home for more biscuits. After lunch we do brain exercise, simple stuff like sitting and shaking a paw….. it’s an easy couple of gravy-dipped biscuits for me! Then another nap until my maid comes home, then a big run out chasing a ball to get me tired, then in for a fuss. Then it’s more Pal biscuits and meat and a snooze. Just before bed we go a little walk to another piece of grass where I stay on the lead. My night bed is made up in their bedroom. I always start the night off on their bed but when I’m sure they are both asleep I retire to my own… gotta look after them, haven’t I?

I’m spending an awful lot of time on my back here. They seem to find it funny that I like my belly tickled so much, so I oblige for them. Here’s a photo of me doing that.


Here’s one of me relaxing in my new garden…


And this is a picture of me telling my butler to hurry up and throw the ball!! He tries his best but he’s so slow.


Mention me to everyone.