Bess: Loved to bits! (Freshfields)


We promoted Bess on the Oldies Club website, for Freshfields, back in October 2006. We were told by Freshfields that Bess was terrified of kennels and couldn’t understand why she had suddenly found herself there. When we hear such sad stories of shell-shocked oldies it is always upsetting, but when we subsequently hear that these oldies have found wonderful new homes, it is always uplifting beyond words.

Bess found the new home that she so deserved and her loving owner has kindly written to us with the following update on how much Bess is enjoying her new life:

“Bess was a very frightened girl when she first came to us. It must have been a terrible wrench for her, losing a loving owner and home after 14 years, but she was lucky to find a safe haven at Freshfields, Merseyside. I saw her on the Oldies website, and immediately knew she should be with us. Within a week, she was, and now she’s very much settled and at home here.

From a factual description of Bess – 15 years old, deaf, poor eyesight, one mild stroke – you could be forgiven for expecting a rather frail little old lady, but you’d be quite wrong. She loves nothing better than cuddling up and snoozing with her head on your knee, but she’s also clearly determined to live life to the full. When she’s in the mood, she’ll race round the garden like a mad thing, leaping up in the air and occasionally ending up in a heap. Other times, she happily mooches round thinking her own doggy thoughts.


She’ll jump up and down whooping with delight when she realises we’re going for a walk. She loves her food – and woe betide us if we’re a bit late with her tea! She’s taken quite well to living with our 3 other dogs and 4 cats, and she’s especially taken a fancy to our latest arrival, Jake, a very laid-back elderly golden retriever. Her favourite trick is walking all over him when he’s snoozing on the kitchen floor, which he doesn’t seem to mind, fortunately.


Not surprisingly, we love this little character to bits. Thank you Oldies Club for introducing us to Bess – she’s brought a lot of happiness into our lives over the past months.”

Thank you for giving Bess a second chance at happiness, and thank you for sharing your story with us!