Cheeky the little sweetie! (Ardley Rescue Kennels, Oxon)


At 15 years old and with mammary tumours and a heart murmur, Cheeky’s future looked hopeless. But lucky for Cheeky, Ardley Rescue Kennels took her into foster care and asked for Oldies Club help in finding her a new home.

Cheeky was spotted on the Oldies Club website by a lovely lady with a soft spot for oldies. Having sadly lost the lovely Belle in June this year, she thought Cheeky looked like a needy case, and indeed she was!

Cheeky went to her new home in October and her owner has written in to let us know how she’s getting on. This is what she has to say;

As promised, I am sending a couple of pictures of Cheeky sitting with Jenny, my 16 year old rescue. Jenny has taken Cheeky under her wing and they get on really well together. Unfortunately my other rescue Zack would not sit still long enough to join the photos, but he is around in the background!


Cheeky is getting on very well and has come out of her shell. She joins in everything with the other dogs and really enjoys her walks and trips in the car. At night she sleeps on the big sofa and occasionally jumps onto my bed for a cuddle, but she is not so clingy now and has asserted her independence a little. She loves her food, particularly fresh chicken or turkey, and she can demolish a piece of cake in seconds!!

Thank you Oldies Club, for alerting us to Cheeky’s plight – we love her to bits.