Glamorous Jaz-girl – Settled in her new home!


Jazz has been an absolute star! It never felt for a second like having a new dog in the house. She gets on well with our greyhound and one of my cats is practically in love with her!

We’ve been taking the dogs to lots of places as we walk a lot. She’s been really good and seems to enjoy it. She’s also been given a bath and she didn’t mind that at all.


On the second week of her being here, we realised that she’s more than capable of climbing the stairs, especially when she thinks that we are out of the house. We walk behind her when she’s coming upstairs though, just in case. As we’re both studying and spend a lot of time upstairs, the dogs have a set of beds on both floors, so they can
be with us all the time.

Jazz has lost some more weight and the vet is very happy with her. She’s now running around during her walks and looks very fit. Everyone thinks that she’s a puppy, but that might be because of her huge ears!

We’ve bought them both some raised bowls so they don’t have to bend down while eating as that’s quite a strain on their front legs. The kitchen is permanently under water though, because Jazz’s drinking is the most inefficient I’ve seen and most of the water ends up on the floor!

We’re very happy with how Jazz has fitted into our family and she seems happy too. Thankyou very much for looking after her and letting us adopt her. We wouldn’t part with her for anything!