Holly Chatter! (Oldies Club)


December 2007 We’ve had another update on beautiful Holly:

Thank you for your follow-up visit who took a couple of photos of Holly’s new life.
Holly has settled well, gets out and about walking around 4-5 local areas, even off lead when deemed safe. Have even been out twice now walking with two other older dogs toddling along quite nicely!
Holly reponds well to treats however squirrels take priority!
Holly is now also getting used to being groomed and having her ears touched and is attending socialisation classes at which she seems quite bored and is one of the better behaved dogs!
She loves her toys (non squeaky) likes playing tug of war. The treats ball is her favourite and comes and asks me to retrieve the toy if it manages to get under a piece of furniture!
We are two old ladies who enjoy each other’s company.
Thank you for all your help and I think she has settled down quite nicely.



July 2007 Liz, the Oldies Club’s Rehoming Co-ordintator, has had an update on Holly from her new mum.

Holly has settled in really well and she and her mum chatter away to each other all day! Holly does wittle on sometimes (and she was doing it whilst we were on the phone!).

Holly has been absolutely fine indoors and is hopefully going to socialisation classes to help with lead control and meeting other dogs on walks.

At home in the garden Holly loves to play with her toys and they have a great time with tug of war (ball on a rope). Holly knows when it is treat time and when her new mum forgets them Holly will moan at her and lead her to where they are at the right time!

Sounds like they are really enjoying each other’s company and we are so pleased to hear this!