Honey Apso & Pippa Apso (Oldies Club, Essex)

4/1/08 – Another update from Honey & Pippa….

Thankyou to Oldies Club for the Christmas gifts! Pippa and Honey are VERY well, two of the sweetests little dogs and we all love them to bits.

They sleep on the sofa most of the day and with me on the bed at night. They are a little more relaxed on walks now, but still dont enjoy the car very much. I have managed to get them a passport, so if we are ever able to nip across to France we are all ready to go!

They are eating well and Pippa has put on a bit of weight and looks very well.

I keep trying to send you photos of them but my computer wont oblige. I’ll keep trying though.

A Happy New Year to you all!

Honey and Pippa have settled in beautifully! They know me well now and follow me everywhere. They like to cuddle up with me on the sofa and sleep with me on my bed!!!

Pippa is still the nervous one and neither of them like the car very much, perhaps because they haven’t been out in it very much in the past. But I’m trying to get them used to it.

I take them for short walks in the countryside nearly every day (weather permitting!) which they really enjoy. They eat well and are so gentle and sweet!

I feel I am giving them the sort of life they were used to, just quiet, constant company and lots of TLC. I love them both very much!

I will try to send a photo of them both very soon.