Isabelle with her new friends (IRR)


I remember feeling very sorry for Isabelle when I added her details to the Oldies Club website and read of the tough time she’d had. And, even worse, we then received an update to say that it had been found that Isabelle had a tumour and had already developed secondaries; conventional treatment could no longer help her. I did wonder if poor Isabelle would manage to find a home before the inevitable happened.

I was therefore over the moon when IRR let me know that Isabelle had indeed found a home after being seen on the Oldies Club website. And now, we have heard from Isabelle’s wonderful new owner:

“Some weeks ago, I was looking at your website and came across the story of Lady Isabelle (Belle to her friends) who Irish Retriever Rescue had saved from a dog pound in Wales. Belle is only 10 but looks older due to secondary tumours and arthiritis caused by being shut up for about a year.

Although I already have two oldies and wasn’t looking for another, I couldn’t resist Belle and she is now happily living with us at our bungalow in Salisbury. This is ideal for her as she cannot manage stairs and as we have a nature reserve at the back of the house, she can potter around there.

We don’t know how long Belle has but we will make her comfortable for the remainder of her life and at the moment she is thriving on a good diet, anti inflammatory tablets and lots of cuddles. I am attaching a couple of pix of Belle (on the right) with her new friends, Jenny aged 16 on the left ( ex Mayhew Home) and Zack the terrier/terrible aged 12 ( ex Stokenham Dog Rescue) in the middle. I would be delighted if you would include these in your “rehomed” section.

Kind regards