It’s Tricky finding a new home (Poplar Farm Kennels)


Tricks and his devoted chum, Max, found themselves in a Nottinghamshire dog pound after being surrended to the Dog Warden when their elderly owner became terminally ill.

Prospects for old dogs that end up in most pounds aren’t good – once their statutory 7 days are up, chances are they’ll be making a one-way trip to the vet. Tricks and Max were very lucky that they were rescued from the pound by Poplar Farm Kennels and so their future was safe. However, they still needed to try to find a new forever home – not a straightforward matter for a pair of older dogs. Max was devoted to Tricks so there was no way the pair could be split.

We listed Tricks and Max on the Oldies Club website back in May 2005 but a new home couldn’t be found for the pair of them and Max very sadly passed away towards the end of 2006 leaving Tricks by himself.

As one of the Oldies Club web team, I regularly make enquiries to rescues about the dogs we have listed on the website, for updates and to find out if they have found new homes. I’m not sure what happened back in January, but when I enquired whether Tricks was still looking for a home I also enquired whether our home might be suitable for him. It turned out that it was.

So Tricks came to live with us. Despite his disabilities (he’s blind and deaf) he quickly learnt to find his way around our house and garden and settled into life with our 3 other dogs straight away. There was the odd scuffle when Tricks accidentally trod or sat on one of them, but they seem to have finally realised that this funny-looking dog can’t see where he’s going and so they don’t get too annoyed with him now.


Tricks is an English Bull Terrier x Labrador and this mixture has produced such a funny old character. He’s a lively boy and has mad running sessions that I’m told are typical of Bullies. He loves scratching up the dog beds and furniture covers, but his biggest love is sitting on the sofa in front of the fire. He’s obviously making up for the time he spent in cold kennels.



Actually, I lied, his biggest love is food. However, we have managed to slim him down so that he is now quite a trim, fit boy. His coat is really thick and glossy too, in fact he’s the picture of health. He loves going for walks with the others – he stays on his extender lead – and this summer he’s going to have lots of trips out to the beach and for special interest walks.


Tricks recently took part in an Oldies Club meet & greet day at Chesterfield Pets at Home store. We had a fantastic day and Tricks was a star. He obviously enjoys giving something back to his fellow oldies and trying to help those unfortunates that have fallen on hard times and need the help of the Oldies Club.



As you can probably tell, we’re mad about our Tricky boy, and we suspect he loves us too.