Jack Springer joins the pub staff (Oldies Club)


Ex-working gundog Jack Springer came into Oldies Club care at the age of 10.

He has now gone to his new home still as a ‘working’ dog – he is now a pub dog, and he seems to be pretty good at the job!


His ex-foster Mum Selina has been to see him:

” Cath invited me up to see how Jack had settled in and to see him at’ work’ in the pub.

Jack was asleep in his office when we arrived, in the squishiest of beds, he begrudgingly woke up to come and see us but he was soon tail wagging and body wriggling to see he had ‘customers’ to entertain.


We were greeted with sloppy Springer kisses and a nudge for old times sake. To say he was at home is an understatement, he ruled the pub and knew exactly who had treats in their pocket just for him!

He already knows that he isn’t allowed in the dining area or behind the bar for his safety and prefers the lounge area anyway, as the carpet is comfier in there.

For a dog that was used to living outside he’s is really loving the home comforts and enjoying being indoors. Apparently he is as much the boss at home in the house as well as the pub.

He obviously adores his new Mum as much as she adores him and has truly found his forever happy and loving him.

He’s truly settled.”