Jasper (Oldies Club)


We’ve had another update on the lovely Jasper, from his devoted owner:

“About a year and a half ago we adopted one of your dogs. He’s a tricoloured border collie called Jasper. I thought I’d email you to let you know how he is getting on. We had another border collie and at first Jasper was a bit bossy but he settled in really well. He is really cuddly and loves attention. But when our border collie passed away a couple of months ago he was a bit funny for a couple of weeks we think because he’s not really used to being his own dog. He used to just follow where Molly went and get excited when she did. Now though he has learnt sit, up, down etc and has transformed into his own dog. He has even learnt how to fetch although he has a little bit of trouble bringing it back!

He is a cheeky little character and has made himself at home, he has made himself dens in the back garden and is constantly taking toys, teddies, shoes, socks and doorstops into them. He is clueless when it comes to other dogs, but our pet sitter took him on a walk with a little scottie and he was beginning to play. He stuck his bum up in the air and kept his body on the ground. but he got scared when the scottie started circling him and he retreated to his den. He is a perfect family dog and he’s really popular with our friends and family. However the postman is petrified of him as he barks and growls at the door when he comes!!

He looks a bit menacing here but he’s dopey as anything really!:


He’s like a little old man sometimes and he sleeps like a baby!!:


I’m really glad my mum found the Oldies Club because he’s a one of a kind dog and as I’m writing this he’s at the door barking at the postman! We all love him lots and he seems very happy with us. He gets along well with our cats and he is able to go for walks at night without jumping in the bushes and trying to hide. I really hope other dogs like him find their perfect homes because even with all the bad stuff that has happened to him he is still a gentle lovely little dog.

My mum drives dogs to new homes and foster homes and she is always on the site cooing over all the dogs.

We’re really glad we found him and we’d recommend anyone to get a dog from the oldies because they’re really worth it! x”

Thank you so much for the update and the recommendation! Jasper is looking so well and settled. :)